Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pride and Prejudice

I know I have talked about it before, but I have to tell you again!

I’ve read the book and watched every movie related to Pride and Prejudice, its safe to say I’m an addict (don’t worry, I’ll go to therapy someday). This is one, if not the best love story of all time! You can’t help but wish you were Elizabeth after watching, even though she goes though many hardships! It is also very "clean", unlike many love stories today.

So if you haven’t seen it…. GO RENT THE MOVIE NOW! PLEASE!

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cuileann said...

P&P is incomparable.

An Old Fashioned Girl said...

I agree with you, P&P is awesome. But... the 2005 movie wasn't the greatest. 1995 was much better.

I found you through Julia's Journal my blog is:

The_Ballerina said...

Cuileann- I most assuredly agree!

Thanks for the comment An Old Fashioned Girl! I did enjoy the 1995 version the best because it followed the book so well, but the 2005 version is really well done and a lot shorter so I can watch it more often!

Judi said...

okay...try not to die of shock here but....i've never seen it..ever...or read it...but, the pictures look kind of like Taylor Swift's new video "Love Story" and I love that video..if that counts for anything...if you havent' seen that need to.

The_Ballerina said...

*Falls over at Judi's news*

Its an amazing movie! I might just have to pester you until you agree to see it!

The_Ballerina said...

Ok so I just went and checked out the Taylor Swift video on youtube! I love it! I liked the song, but the video made it great! Thanks for the tip Judi!

Watch it for yourself!

Judi said...

Umm..maybe i'll try to check it out...sometimes the older movies are a little harder to understand..if you know what i'm saying..I also read like..Shakespeare..only with the "No Fear" it's modern text...
PS: I'm glad you liked the's my dad saw it and was like "She got all that from a look?" I was like "YEAH!!!"

Kate said...

I just watched the 1995 version of this movie today but only because I couldn't find my 2005 version. I was sick in bed all day and had to watch something of length and always enjoy a nice long romance movie!

I found your blog from doing a Google search on pictures of P&P. Lovely blog by the way. I took that little Jane Austen quiz...very enjoyable! I was also Elizabeth.

I love, love, LOVE Pride & Prejudice, both of them!! After hearing your play list, I think I'm going to have to go out and buy the soundtrack to P&P.

I also have seen new Taylor Swift song, Love Story and think the end resembles the end of 2005 P&P...very sweet indeed! Yahoo has a great clear video of it...;_ylt=AqNnbD.PNMMBk3FMOCVk_H7esyUv

Well, I just wanted to say a quick Hi and nice blog!!

SusanKaye said...

Susan said ...
I hear ya, Sister Ballerina. A great, CLEAN movie, with an unprecedented soundtrack. I just listened to an interview with the composer, Dario Marianelli. To hear it, paste this:
Also, here's a good rendition of "Dawn" by "Eyewristchin":
Really enjoyed your blog. Thanks!