Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dance Update.

Dance Update.

So today was my first rehearsal/class since Thanksgiving break started on Monday. I got there early to stretch and warm up and I found out that one of the girls in the piece I am understudying sprained her ankle! So I am her as of further notice. We think she will be better by the performance (which starts Dec. 13th) but if not, then I get her part. I do of course hope she gets better soon!
Anyway today I did her part, and it was a killer! I haven’t danced in a week and then doing a 15 minute dances en pointe… well lets just same my legs felt numb!!!

Best wishes all! I have a lot of practicing to do!

3 Delightful Musings:

Judi said...'s cool that you might get that part..of course i will be praying for that girl..i sprained my ankle once by jumping off of a bed..very painful..and stupid. :)

The_Ballerina said...

lol jumping off a bed, eh? That sounds like somthing I would do!

Judi said...

You have no idea! It hurt really bad..and what's worse..i had to tell my mom EXACTLY what happened..